Welcoming Attic Nursery Decor Ideas

If you have an attic but don’t have any space to organize a nursery for your kid, you can combine them easily. An attic nursery is a cool and very cozy space, it’s usually small but very welcoming. Many people avoid using attics effectively as they think that it’s hard to design such a space right. So how to decorate and organize an attic nursery right?

Choose a style for the nursery that you like – rustic, farmhouse, modern, minimalist or any other but choosing it keep in mind that if you have a small attic space, something modern, minimalist or Nordic will be optimal as you’ll declutter the room a lot. The same goes to the color scheme – yes, you can take any colors but neutrals are a win-win idea as they are calm and peaceful and can visually enlarge the space. Many parents rock a white nursery with colorful touches – bright furniture, accessories and artworks and of course toys.

Style the nursery simple and keep it uncluttered adding only essential pieces: a crib, a changing table, a dresser, bookshelves and stuff like that. Hang some cute artworks and decorate your cool sloped ceiling – make it blue as the sky or go for some catchy prints. Some of the walls can be also accents – cover them with cool wallpaper walls. Your kid’s toys will be part of decor here and you won’t need more, don’t bring too many things here. Get inspired by the ideas below!